Sell more with
voice commerce
on WhatsApp

5x faster product discovery with our advanced NLU

Explore an intuitive way to shop with voice:
  • Dynamic filtering with voice input.
  • Code mixed input support (Example: Hinglish)
  • Multilingual support in 10 languages.
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Increase your AOV with conversational recommendations

Grow your sales by adding a conversational touch to time-tested marketing strategies:
  • Personalised promotional nudges.
  • Cross selling & Upselling based on user preferences.
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Unlock 300M emerging users with an inclusive experience

Reduce onboarding friction and dropoffs by selling on a trusted channel with:
  • End to end audio visual conversations in 10 languages.
  • Guided onboarding and Audio & Visual Cues.
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Build trust & loyalty with post sales customer support

Have impactful customer conversations with:
  • Order management and Tracking features.
  • Customer engagement with FAQs Support.
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40% Newcomers

2 in 5 C-commerce users are first-time online shoppers.

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1.2x Higher sales

C-commerce shoppers are more likely to make a purchase.

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7x faster

Voice driven discovery is intuitive and significantly faster.

Customised solutions crafted for each domain


End-to-end Kirana experience on WhatsApp. Trained on over 30k SKUs with advanced NLP for smart filtering and sorting.


Personal shopping experience on WhatsApp for your customers with features specially designed for maximising your conversion rate.


Our Voice-NLU models for the Beauty domain support concern driven searches and smart recommendations for higher AOV.

Consumer Electronics

Our State of the art Voice-NLU powered filtering for consumer electronics makes searching in conversational interfaces 7x faster even for the most complicated queries.

Other Domains

Don’t see your domain here? Our AI models can be adapted to any domain in record time. Contact us and we can design a personalised experience for you.

trophyPower your business with our best in class Voice AI

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Multi-Lingual support

We support 9 languages along with their major dialects. Supported languages include: Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Assamese, and Odia

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Unmatched speech recognition

We used 5 different benchmarks to measure our domain specific speech recognition accuracies against Google, and outperformed them in all.

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Precise product identification

Our NLP Layer works on top of the speech recognition, boosting the product recognition accuracies to range between 95% to 99% across languages.

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Highly scalable

Our Speech recognition is trained on over 30000+ SKU’s and is scalable to much more.

Ready to scale
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Navana enables last mile access of digital services to end users through the use of voice-based technologies and products.

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